CBA for Advanced Analytics

Can You Accurately Quantify the Benefits and Costs of your Advanced Analytics Projects?

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How rigorous is your Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of advanced analytics opportunities? Are the benefits based on guesstimates or hard-to-justify “x% savings” or “y% effectiveness” – without objective rationale to back them up? How can you gain stakeholder confidence in the ROI of advanced analytics projects?

Potential advanced analytics projects can range broadly in projected cost, potential benefit, duration, and technicality. Princeton Consultants’ CBA financially models the benefits, expenses and ROI of solution sets of opportunities and sensitivities. The CBA is an essential strategic tool for business executives to assess, prioritize, green-light or halt advanced analytics projects.

The CBA is a scenario-driven model to determine the costs and benefits of a business initiative. Typically, the CBA evaluates more than one proposed solution or set of components; it examines alternatives to include or leave out in the overall project or in project phases. Princeton Consultants’ CBA also features sensitivity analysis so executives can consider different levels of risk and reward of an advanced analytics opportunity.

Founded in 1981, Princeton Consultants is the “go to” firm for advanced analytics services and solutions for industry leaders and fast-growing innovators. We offer U.S. executives a complimentary initial consultation to determine the scope and deliverables of a CBA for advanced analytics opportunities at your organization. Contact us to learn more.


We have completed CBAs of advanced analytics opportunities for a variety of industry leaders and innovators.

Loan servicing provider
Global bank
Healthcare software startup
Sales and marketing agency
Class I railroads
National trucking carrier
Global cargo airline
Intermodal transportation business
Regional freight railroad
North American rail car manager

Case Studies

CBA Aids Mobile Workforce Optimization at a Sales and Marketing Services Company

CBA Aids Mobile Workforce Optimization at a Sales and Marketing Services CompanyDOWNLOAD PDF