Revenue Forecasting

Do You Need Much Faster, Much More Accurate and Trustworthy Revenue Forecasting?


How much can you improve the accuracy of your forecasts? Can you execute and deliver robust forecasts in minutes instead of months? Can you trust your system to produce reliable forecasts based on leading business indicators?

Forecasting assists marketing and sales and is critical for financial and resource planning for manufacturing, operations, logistics and transportation. Manual forecasting processes are often overly resource-intensive and cannot accommodate executives' strategic what-if scenarios. Typical forecasts produce a single point estimate and do not reflect the uncertainty associated with the forecast. Forecasting software that automates the model building process does not leverage business executives' intuition about leading indicators.

Next-generation forecasting, based on advanced analytics, is timely and aligns with downstream planning processes. There is reconciliation between forecasts and actuals, continuous model improvement, and modeling for uncertainty. Robust forecasts can be generated on demand. Because models are developed collaboratively with the business, they are trusted more.

Princeton Consultants, the “go to” firm for advanced analytics services and solutions, offers U.S. executives a complimentary comparison of your business’s current forecasts and forecast processes—based on data you provide—with those generated by a new collaborative framework. Contact us to set up an introductory call to learn more.

Case Studies

Transforming Revenue Forecasting at a Multimodal Transportation Company

Transforming Revenue Forecasting at a Multimodal Transportation CompanyDOWNLOAD PDF