Survey Results Summary: Solvers, Programming and Modeling Languages and More

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

What optimization solvers, programming and modeling languages do professors, students and industry practitioners use? Do they align? At the INFORMS Annual Meeting in October in Phoenix, Princeton Consultants asked attendees to see what has changed since 2017, the last time we conducted the survey.

The findings are summarized as follows:

  • The usage of Gurobi increased.
  • The usage of Python increased, especially among students, as 100% of those surveyed use Python.
  • In academia, building applications in Excel remains the favored approach, which does not align with industry practices, where Excel is much less commonly used.
  • No modeling language is dominant. Modeling languages are becoming less important, perhaps due to the increased use of Python.
  • As in 2017, a significant number of students surveyed are not being taught to build software applications.
  • Among practitioners, web-server based, browser-based and cloud applications increased in popularity.

















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