A high frequency hedge fund


Our work for this client won the first Amazon Web Services Spotathon for its innovative approach to quantitative research, and was examined by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Read more here.


Equity market transactional and informational volumes continue to grow in size and complexity. To continue to win in these markets, quantitative hedge funds must continually research new alpha strategies and tactics.

Many funds find that their research and development ideas exceed the capacity of in-house staff, so they retain high-end, trusted providers like Princeton Consultants for assistance.

The use of optimization algorithms provides more sophisticated alpha extraction at lower risk than that of more primitive, rules-based approaches.  The problem, especially for high frequency players, is performance time.


Princeton Consultants works under strict confidentiality with quantitative hedge funds.  We provide small teams that research optimization strategies to improve targeted areas along the full business spectrum--from data cleaning to signal generation to trading.


  • Big Data: Princeton Consultants has experience with optimization under exceptionally high volumes of data, including Level 2 quoting streams.
  • Stochastic: Many of the optimization parameters, constraints, and objective functions typically involve probabilistic or distributional (rather than single value) functions
  • Competitive Gaming: Optimization algorithms are designed to minimize market signaling to counterparties and therefore adverse market impact
  • Black Box: We specialize in Direct Market Access trading
  • Static/Dynamic: Trading often provides target positions and prices that are sought with a mixture of active and passive strategies subject to risk parameters
  • Real Time: Princeton Consultants has worked for and with some of the elite state-of-the-art funds and technologies at sub-millisecond latencies


Princeton Consultants has had the privilege of working with some of the most established, successful funds.

Alpha and trading strategies developed for clients with Princeton Consultants' technical assistance profitably trade many millions of dollars every day.