Digital & Other Intangibles
Digital & Intangibles

Web space, TV/radio time, intellectual property

Beyond finance and investments, non-physical assets cover a wide range of categories that include contractual assets or opportunities.

  • The equipment management company uses optimization to balance the contractual entitlements of each of its major customers to a shared pool of assets.
  • The printing company successfully uses optimization to minimize postal delivery costs by adroitly binding in such a way to maximally benefit from postal service incentives to perform tasks such as bundling and sorting by carrier route.

Sometimes digital assets are combined with physical assets:

  • The business publication sells coordinated advertising programs in both its print and its online versions.

Some businesses find the optimization system itself becomes a valuable digital asset:

  • The freight railroad is able to attract brokers by providing its online optimization system to them via a web portal.  This visibility allows brokers to instantly find the best possible routes and costs among thousands or millions of choices.