Case Studies

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Case Study List Short

Optimized work assignment and routing help make the 2020 Census the most state-of-the-art population count in history.

Birchbox, the first subscription box service, relies on optimization to power a new operating universe.

Optimization and simulation drive process improvement and cost reduction for developers of a life-saving treatment.

A high frequency quantitative hedge fund uses optimization technology to improve trading performance.

Optimization helps an industry leader dramatically grow both top-line and bottom-line revenue with a new business model.

Replacing an aging mainframe system with modern optimization-based technology helps TTX manage its fleet more effectively and save over 2,000 railcars--and $42 million.

A worldwide airline upgrades to First Class optimization for all plane and crew scheduling and returns to profitabilty.

One of the world's savviest publishers uses optimization to gain a greater share of advertising in its two flagship business publications.

Custom optimization helps a large commercial printer improve the efficiency of its complex binding lines.

Through optimization, a 150,000-acre agribusiness with two private railroads improves its harvest yields and freshness.

Executive management uses optimization to provide answers for its most strategic questions.


Optimization helps improve a specialized healthcare service while reducing costs.

Assets to Optimize


Employees, vendors, customers, shoppers

Raw Materials

Raw materials, components, finished goods


Storage or shipping containers, shelf space


Trucks, planes, trains, ships, manufacturing equipment


Farms, distribution centers, transit points


Capital funds, investment portfolios

Digital & Other Intangibles

Web space, TV/radio time, intellectual property

Optimization Decision Types


Who gets what?                  


How much to make/get/have?


When? In what order?

Network Routing

Where? Which path?


At what price?

Policy Creation

What should the rules be?

Complexity Factors

Big Data

Extraordinarily large data sets or numbers of variables.

Noisy Data

Missing, conflicting or erroneous data.


Not certain, subject to probability.

Competitive Gaming

Competitors are acting on our actions.

Human in the Loop

A human decision maker is in the “loop” for each decision.

Black Box

The optimization has no human in the loop for each decision.


The problem is solved up front, but must be resolved with constantly updating information.


The optimization must give split-second responses.