One of the world’s leading business publishers


A publisher upgrading its aging legacy IT system sought to improve its ability to configure and sell complex advertising campaigns in its flagship publications: a worldwide daily business newspaper and a weekly edition.


Line-of-business and IT executives hired Princeton Consultants to design a custom optimization "brain" to communicate with the core IT system. This custom application models all of the publication's press, paper and policy constraints and it configures sections, pages and color placement to maximize advertising placements.


  • Real Time: provide optimal configurations in less than 2 seconds
  • Black Box: provide automated solutions, delivering fast and low cost service to the sales force


  • Used in production for all worldwide editions from launch.
  • Provides sales force the ability to quickly and confidentially book advertising and to upsell more sophisticated advertising campaigns.  Through rapid changes in layouts, there is much greater ease in meeting urgent or complex requests.
  • Improvements in sales and customer service.
  • Drives down printing cost by minimizing house ads.
  • Fast Time To Payback (TTP) for the project because each additional advertisement sold for $100,000 or more.